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Shipping Envelopes

Shipping envelopes come in many forms depending on your needs, including padded, plastic, bubble, and more mailers and containers.

Sending documents and packages long distances or overseas means they can spend a few days in the postal system. It therefore pays to try and protect these as best you can to ensure they remain safe and do not suffer damage in transit. The best way to do this for both businesses and individuals is to use shipping envelopes and there are a few different types to choose from.

The type of shipping envelopes you use will typically come down to what is being sent. There are a few varieties available and these will be suitable for different purposes. If you are sending important letters and photographs that cannot be folded or also CD’s, then paperboard folders can be a good option. These have a rigid design, being made of cardboard rather than paper. They cannot therefore be folded and this provides more protection for the contents in comparison to standard paper envelopes.

Other types of shipping envelopes include bubble mailers. These have a layer of bubble wrap inside them and this can better protect the contents from damage. These are an excellent option if you are sending delicate or fragile items through the postal system as the cushioning effect of the bubble wrap will protect the contents from damage. This can help to ensure they arrive at the destination in the same condition that they were packed and sent.

If you are sending heavier items through the post or are worried about the potential for water damage to an item then shipping envelopes such as plastic mailers are one of the best choices. These are generally made from polyethylene and are stronger and more durable than paper or cardboard envelopes especially if they get wet. They can be a good option for items such as clothing and softer goods.

Shipping envelopes are available from a number of retailers and the best place to buy these will typically depend on how many you want. If you only need a few then postal offices and stationary shops are places to look. However it can be a cheaper alternative to buy in bulk and stores such as Staples and Office Depot are places to look. There are also a few online stores that specialize in wholesale stationary and envelopes and some of those to consider include the Nationwide Envelope Company and Packaging Supplies. All these stores have a range of envelopes on offer such that most people will be able to find a product that suits their shipping needs.

In terms of cost, buying envelopes for shipping in bulk tends to be the best option and generally the more you buy the lower the cost per envelope will be. A case of 500 white bubble mailers from Packaging Supplies, for example, costs $63.64 for 1 or 2 cases, $62.36 for 3 to 7 cases and the price is up for negotiation for 8 cases or greater. A single bubble mailer envelope on the other hand can cost you between 50 cents and $1. This tends to be similar no matter the style of envelope you purchase so buying a pack or larger case of envelopes is more cost effective than buying individual envelopes.

When sending mail over long distances, using good quality shipping envelopes can help to ensure the contents get to the destination in good condition without suffering damage. Whether you are a business that sends a lot of mail on a daily basis or an individual that sends mail infrequently, they can be a good choice of envelope to make.

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