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International Car Shipping

International car shipping services are far and wide, with many options when it comes to overseas auto or vehicle transport.

There can be many reasons why people travel overseas for longer periods of time. Most likely it is as a result of work and many people who work for large international companies that have offices around the world are given the opportunity to move to different countries to work. Generally if this happens you will need to consider the best way of moving your possessions and this can include larger items such as your car. If you decide to take this with you rather than selling it, then international car shipping is the best option for doing this.

International car shipping uses a few different methods to move vehicles from location to location and the best one for your vehicle will typically come down to the destination. Typically the cheapest method is using roll on-roll off ferry where your car will be driven on to the ship and secured in place. Many of the major auto manufacturers use this method and it is a secure way of transport. However using this method means you can transport your car only and it is generally not allowed to put personal belongings in the car.

Another common method of international car shipping is container shipping. In this method your vehicle is driven inside its own container and securely tied down for shipment by sea. The standard size of container is 20 feet long although containers up to 40 feet long are available. The advantage of this type of shipping method is that the container is available for other possessions other than the vehicle and you can transport other personal belongings.

Typically if you decide to ship your vehicle by sea you will need to get it to the nearest shipping port to your home. If you live on the coast it is possible to do this yourself, otherwise from inland areas a car transporter service will typically be required to get it to the port. Most companies that ship cars can arrange this for you as part of the overall service.

While international car shipping by sea is the most common option it is also possible to ship a vehicle by air. This is typically the most expensive way to transport a vehicle although if you need your car to be shipped quickly to a destination it is an option to consider.

There are a number of factors that will affect the cost of international car shipping. Obviously the method of transport will affect the price although other factors will include the size and weight of the vehicle and the destination. You also need to consider factors such as shipping insurance and import duties at the destination country as these will have an impact on the overall cost. Most shipping companies will be able to take you through the requirements for transporting a vehicle and will provide a quote for the service. Some of those that provide international shipping services for vehicles include Auto Car Shippers, Schumacher Cargo Logistics and Ship My Vehicle. However there are a number of companies that provide the service and a little research should provide you with the best company for your location.

If you are moving to an overseas location then shipping your car may be a more affordable option than purchasing a new vehicle at your destination. If you chose to do this, then international car shipping services are available and these are a way to move your vehicle with you when you transfer to a new location.

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