Shipping crates and other moving boxes discussed

Shipping Crates

Shipping crates can be found in many sizes, and this may determine the cost.

There are some considerations to take into account when you’re getting shipping crates ready to go. The first is the weight of the crate. The crate’s shipping weight is going to consist of not just the contents of the shipping crate but also the container itself. This overall weight is what the delivery companies are going to use to figure out your final shipping cost.

You’ll find that the weight of the crate itself has the potential of being the largest percentage of your overall shipping costs, even more so then the actual weight of the contents you are shipping.  Plastic shipping crates and wooden shipping crates will each have different weights and density, and this may determine your overall decision as to which style to go with.

To find out the actual shipping weight of your crate for shipping the easiest thing to do would of course to just weight the crate with all of the contents in it but this isn’t the most feasible option if the crate is too bulky and heavy with your available scale.

To determine the weight of your shipping crate you can just do it by weighing the crate on the scale when it is empty. You can also call the manufacturer of the crate and they would be able to give you the empty weight if your scale won’t fit the crate.

To get the rest of the weight you should weigh the items to be shipped. If it is all the same product simply weigh one of the items and multiply it by the number you’re shipping. Make sure that you’re exceptionally accurate especially if there is a large order being shipped. Even a small error can make a big difference when it comes to large shipments.

Now you’ll determine the number of items that you’re shipping that are going to be able to fit into one of the crates by carefully packing, taking advantage of all of the space, until it is full and keeping count of everything you’ve put in. If the items will pack tightly you can get the number of items by using some simple math of dividing the crates volume by the single item volume and then rounding to get the figure to a full number. Make sure that you always round down.

You’ll now do a little more math and take the weight of one item and multiple it by the total quantity that you’re going to be able to ship in the one shipping crate and you’ll have your total weight of the items. Just add this weight to the weight of the shipping container and you’ll have the total shipping rate that you need.


The costs for shipping are based on the following factors:

  • Shipping weight
  • Size
  • Sometimes shape

You’ll find that even if you have two shipping crates that are the same weight they can vary drastically in the shipping cost if they are different sizes or shapes.  Large shipping crates will typically run more than small crates for shipping will.

Finally you should make sure that you fully pack the crate so you’re able to get the best possible shipping weight for the size of the shipping crates that you’re using. If you’re finding that you’re shipping only partially full crates it’s time to look at using a smaller crate as you’re just throwing money out the door by paying the amount you are for the larger crate weight.